Alchemy Poker is back- Meet 'Alchemy Rocks'

'Alchemy Rocks' is the re-emergence, 40 years after the inception of it's forerunner, Poker (and later, Poker Rox), of Alchemy's official, licensed promo and tour merch collection for bands and artists in the rock genre.

 In 1977, before the existence of even the concept of 'officially licensed' merchandise, 'Poker' came into being as a small range of 'solid lead' punk anti-jewellery, including one or two pieces extolling the new revolutionaries, the Sex Pistols. This was soon followed by other iconic figureheads such as Motorhead, Iron Maiden, Whitesnake and Rainbow. Impressed by these pieces, several band's agents went on to commission Poker, (which was later to become Alchemy), to make 'official' pins and pendants for their tours and record releases. These were made using a much higher grade of metal, latterly, fully compliant English pewter, and while Alchemy's commissioned rock merchandise has continued-on uninterrupted, it is now once again available for retail.

As well as the wristbands, pendants and pin badges, stud earrings are now available, view them all in our Alchemy Rocks Collection

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