Alchemy Gothic Heart of Cthulhu Necklace from Gothic Spirit

Alchemy Gothic Heart of Cthulhu Necklace

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From the malevolent depths of the dark ocean, a truly momentous and dazzling revealing of the monstrous, crystallised soul of darkness. A very large, faceted Swarovski crystal heart in blue, encapsulated by the polished pewter tentacles of a monstrous sea creature.

  • Measures Approximately 74mm x 36mm x 14mm at Widest Points
  • Hand made in England from the finest English lead free pewter
  • Made using SWAROVSKI crystal
  • Includes the chain shown in image

Customer Reviews

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Aurelia Hernandez
Gorgeous but the chain is to long and isn’t adjustable

The necklace is sooo gorgeous but it’s not adjustable also it’s kind of wobbly and loose where the gem is but other than that it’s soo lovely and it sparkles so nicely in the sun

Liam Fitzgibbon

Alchemy Gothic Heart of Cthulhu Necklace

Zaquiel H
Cthulhu Fhtagn

The chain on the necklace is longer than I expected and it has no clasp like most alchemy pieces. That is a positive in my book because I'm forever getting the clasps caught in my hair. I'm quite short in the body so when I wear this necklace the heart of Cthulhu sits at the base of my sternum I imagine on other folk who are longer in body this would probably sit over the heart. It has quite a bit of wight to it, it is in no way a light or dainty pendant. It is large and in your face and really beautiful I could loose myself for hours staring at the light play in the crystal. It certainly catches the eye and has certainly been a conversation starter. It's worth every penny.

Vicky Kessels

Verry sparkly and beautifull colours