Alchemy Gothic The Dragon's Lure Ear Wrap
Alchemy Gothic The Dragon's Lure Ear Wrap
Alchemy Gothic The Dragon's Lure Ear Wrap

Alchemy Gothic The Dragon's Lure Ear Wrap

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Like a whispering shoulder devil or a witchs familiar, this dragon, piercing through the ear lobe, tempts the wearer into acts of shameful depravity. NOT SUITABLE FOR SMALL EARS.

  • Measures Approximately 80mm x 43mm x 18mm at Widest Points
  • Hand made in England from the finest English lead free pewter
  • Can be bent slightly to get a better fit (only once or twice, not regularly)
  • Designed to fit the right ear only
  • This earring wraps around your ear to fit, so is not recommended for customers with smaller than average ears
  • Please note that although this earring looks like it needs a large gauge piecing, it does not, it is designed to fit a STANDARD ear piercing

Customer Reviews

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One reviewer said they expected higher quality from this piece -

I can kinda understand this, as most alchemy jewellery seems to be pretty weighty and solid in comparison. I was really pleased with it though. It's lightweight and delicate, which you want from something like this, and it's pliable enough to gently bend to the right shape for your ear. The tail end does feel a bit like it could easily fall off, but it's never happened to mine and I fiddle with it quite a lot! I have pretty small ears but I think it still fits well after a lot of careful adjustments! I've had no problems with it slipping off and tend to forget when I've got it on. As my lobe is stretched to 14mm I nearly didn't get this, but I'm so glad that I did, as I find that twisting it through my tunnel you can't really tell that it's actually a stud, and I've had tons of compliments on it. A gorgeous and unusual piece!

Excellent quality,

Received sooner than stated too which was a bonus, very good value for money :)

Julia Hoffman
Speedy delivery,

Exactly as illustrated and my friend was delighted with it.

Wayne Howard-Williams
A excellent piece of ear wear.

Well designed and eye catching. Previously lost the tail end of my dragon lure cuff, so had to buy matching dragon to replace the tail. But well worth the money. Pity you don't sell the individual tails.

Was expecting better

I was expecting higher quality :/